Help Make a Difference

CGF is currently seeking donors/grantors to fund its construction projects and to operate programs fully. If you or anyone you know is willing to support our program please contact one of our Board Members directly. Thank you for considering our foundation. We look forward to shining together with you by providing second chance to those who need it most.

Thank you to everyone listed here for their generosity in supporting the community! Because of you, the people continue to receive great news. May your kindness be returned with granted wishes from the heart!

If you are a Donor who received a private link to access report online and have lost the link or need a copy of your receipt send a message here and we will resend it via email.

Have questions? Would like to verify representative if legitimate? Contact our Founder here for quick response. No representative of CGF conducts indirect sourcing/solicitation.

Funding Opportunities for Large Projects are available upon request. Please contact us to see which one is available for you today. Each project comes with Executive Summary, Financials, Letter of Intents, Letter of Support.

2017 Donors
  • Microsoft
  • Sylvia Alvarado
  • Mobile Beacon
  • Board Members
2016 Donors
  • Mizkan America, Inc. - Shipping of donated goods to east coast.
  • Donny Hammonds - Children items
  • Anonymous - Children items
2015 Donors
  • Willy Razo - $100 Safe House Donation (9/23/15)
  • Ryan Bajala - $20 Safe House Donation (9/19/15)
  • Russel Mimay - $20 Safe House Donation (9/18/15)
  • Donald Orbiso Jr - $20 Safe House Donation (9/18/15)
  • Vicente Atok - $10 Safe House Donation (9/18/15)
  • Mark Ha Thanh Auto Repair - $20 Safe House Donation (9/16/15)
  • Billy Nuguid & Edgardo Garcia of MV Optimana Vessel - $150 Safe House Donation (9/16/15)
  • MarkHa of Thanh Auto Repair - $20 Safe House Donation (9/16/15)
  • Anonymous - $20 Safe House Donation (9/12/15)
  • Vitamin Angels - additional year of supply of Vitamins.
  • Fontanilla Family - commitment to donate land for the construction of Safe House in Northern Luzon.
  • Panlilio Medical Mission (Partner) for distribution of vitamins in Northern Luzon.
  • DSWD Northern Luzon (Partner, several locations) for the distribution of vitamins.
  • Maxons disaster recovery expert - for office equipment.
  • Microsoft - super generous donation of Office365 to help solve our office challenges plus never-ending generous discounts on softwares. All these allow us to get the job done at a nonprofit budget. We are blessed to have such a wonderful company looking after us and other nonprofits globally!
  • Mobile Beacon for portable wi-fi internet which allows us to do work wherever we are. A CLEAR network.
2014 Donors
  • Vivian Cannon from Alliance Krav Maga CrossFit located at 9000 Washington Blvd Culver City, CA (donated large copier for use at our Manila office).
  • Wayne Gilbert from Clinton CT donated 35mm film camera to be used by urban poor kids in learning photography.
  • Vitamin Angels (Vitamins for Infants and Pregnant Women located in several areas of Northern Capital Region Philippines).
  • Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (donated office phones for our use at Manila office).
  • Blake Sills from San Francisco California of Squirrel Enterprises Property Management and Technical Services (donated office phones for our USA office)
  • Al Muhaidib from Saudi (added to the food supply during Malate feeding).
  • Jeffrey Block from Bay Area California (remaining monetary funds donated were used to bring food to more disaster victims and urban poor in Caloocan & Malate)

Our loyal Volunteers always donate their time to help others and at the same time bring in their own way additional donation towards the cause. They also offer to pay for their own fare even if it means there is no pay for the day and travelling could mean waking up at 3am to travel very far just to get to the location. They not only help serve the community, they too have become an inspiration to the growing loyal Volunteers. Our foundation is blessed to have such True Humanitarians around us all the time!

2013 Donors

IN-KIND DONATIONS (distributed to Homeless and Urban Poor areas of Northern Luzon) Board Members, Robert Kaneff, Fritz Watson, Manny & Rebecca Baredo, Lachlan Bird, Cesar & Rose Corpuz, Zachary Edwards, Andy Hoyt, Maurice Dosty, Merto & Magda Aurelio, Ronnie & Carolina Uclusin, Carlito Dela Cruz, Huy Nguyen, Lupe Villasenor, Mike Cook, Tandra Trenholm.

TOOLS DONATIONS (distributed to Urban Poor who need to fix their homes)
Richard Burgos (11/25/2013) - brand new hammers

FINANCIAL SUPPORTS (distributed to Typhoon Yolanda victims feeding)

  • Cash received 11/12/13, feeding 11/14/13 at Bantayan in Tacloban
    Donor: Andy Castrence
  • Cash received 11/14/13, feeding 11/15/13 at Bantayan in Tacloban
    Donors: Russ Rieber, Robert Kaneff, Fritz Watson, Manny Barredo, Lachlan Bird, Rose Corpuz, Maurice Dosty, Mark Zamudio
  • Checks received, feeding November 22, 2013
    Donors: Anthony & Sonja Lindberg (11/15/2013), Myron & Tony Dias (11/18/2013), Maria Ramos (11/19/2013)
  • Check received from Jeffrey A. Block, a very generous donor (11/23/2013). Fund will be used to feed more disaster victims in the Philippines during thanksgiving week; food, toys and books for orphans for Christmas in the Philippines; and then toys and books for the homeless Kids in the US.
  • Cash received from different unknown individuals 11/25/2013 from Stockton California. Your fund will be used to hep with Christmas feeding.

Applied Aerospace Staffs help raise funds towards Children Education, Krispy Kreme March Lane Stockton, Charity Gift Q4 2012 donations received Q1 2013, Carl's Jr. March Lane Stockton, SmartyAnts, Joe Rendon, Prum Vath, Karen Coello, Raymond Rea, Ben Langas, Ricky Manythong, Ed Vargas, Jason Shearer, Romando Camelo, Rhonda Alvarez, Christ Wesbrook, Nanita Fernandez, Bonadea Rosete, Adoracion Arbollente, Vilma Florez, Liberty Tamberza, Soly Bautista, Albert Parcasio, Celelina Hidalgo, Lorie Salvador, Grace Palma, Lorna Rubi, Pastor Justin Manglicmot, Pastor Jess Sato, Benita Ramos, John Bucholz, Carlito de la Cruz, Ruben Asio, Cesar Fernandez, Digna Foronda, Agnes Abuan, Anh Le, Johnny Agbayani, Brenda Cabelo, Mildred Priego, Zenaida Estrada, Joy Estrada, Myra Colisao, Remy Acosta, Josie Trinidad, Carmen Tomboc, Irish Dacuag, Anabell Abuan, Malou Cotamura, Beverly Robert, Pat Colcleugh

In-Kind Technology/Electronics Donations Dave Stefun of North Highlands CA

Our Donors

  • Maxons
  • Microsoft
  • Mobile Beacon
  • Alliance
  • Techsoup
  • Good 360
  • Al Muhaidib
  • Vitamin Angels
  • CHCI
  • AASC
  • Krispy Kreme
  • Smarty Ants
  • Mobile Beacon